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Emirates Airbus A380 Cabin Tour

24/02/20160 Comments

YouTube video length 4:21

Emirates currently has a fleet of 74 Airbus A380, four of them in a two-class configuration. This amazing video gives an insight in the two-deck passenger cabin.

Amazing Safety Video from Qantas

28/01/20160 Comments

YouTube video duration 5:28

How to combine an aviation safety video with an advertisement for a destination 😉

Anyway, it´s fun watching it. And then let´s plan the next holiday in Australia …

Live from the Flight Deck Video-Sampler

27/12/20150 Comments

YouTube video duration 5:20

On YouTube there are some airline pilots who provide remarkable films. This sampler published yesterday from the channel “Live from the Flight Deck” with impressive shots and bombastic soundtrack is one of them definitely.

Who is behind this YouTube channel is not entirely clear. Probably one or more Boeing 737 pilots from the United States or Western Europe.

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