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22/05/20160 Comments

The TV series from the world of aviation with documentaries, film clips and flights in the cockpit.

With Take-off TV you learn more about the work of pilots, about interesting aircraft and witness exciting flights to fascinating destinations.

You will find the films in the YouTube channel.

When we find interesting current or remarkable films from other producers, we post them for you on this homepage or on Facebook.

You can buy the flights in the cockpit on Blu-ray (3D) on Amazon. “Flight in the cockpit” means that you can witness take-offs and landings in the cockpit. The films are made for a generally aviation-interested audience – you do not need special previous knowledge in order to enjoy them. But by the selection of video and audio tracks you can enter more deeply into the details.

Have fun browsing on this website!

Airbus / Boeing – Current Aircraft Overview

20/04/20160 Comments

YouTube video length 12:48 mins.

This video from the Take-off TV YouTube channel gives an overview of the aircraft that Airbus and Boeing currently produce and in the coming years.

Emirates Airbus A380 Cabin Tour

24/02/20160 Comments

YouTube video length 4:21

Emirates currently has a fleet of 74 Airbus A380, four of them in a two-class configuration. This amazing video gives an insight in the two-deck passenger cabin.

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