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Wizz Air Airbus A 321 Budapest – Fly Overs

01/06/20160 Comments

YouTube video length 1:16 mins – English subtitles available

On 1 May 2016, a Wizz Air Airbus A321 flew low above the Danube in Budapest as part of the Nagy Futam air show. This short documentary shows interesting views about the flight display.

Airbus / Boeing – Current Aircraft Overview

20/04/20160 Comments

YouTube video length 12:48 mins.

This video from the Take-off TV YouTube channel gives an overview of the aircraft that Airbus and Boeing currently produce and in the coming years.

Emirates Airbus A380 Cabin Tour

24/02/20160 Comments

YouTube video length 4:21

Emirates currently has a fleet of 74 Airbus A380, four of them in a two-class configuration. This amazing video gives an insight in the two-deck passenger cabin.

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