About Take-off

Take-off TV – the series from the world of aviation.

Main Topics
– Airports, Commercial Aviation, Cargo

Other Topics
– Helicopters, Missions
– Adventure
– Events
– Free Flying, Paragliding, Hanggliding, BASE-Jumps, Skydiving, Ballooning
– Records
– Miltary Aviation
– Vintage Aircraft
– Aerobatics

– Documentaries
– Interviews
– Specials
– Flights in the cockpit

– Internet
– TV
– DVDs and Blu-rays

– Available on Amazon UK ansd US

How it began
Aviation has already fascinated me in my childhood, and I thought that there should be a place for an aviation magazine in the German TV market. That was right, but it took years to put all the necessary ingredients together.

It was the former CEO of news channel n-tv, Helmut Brandst├Ątter, who could warm up for my idea in 1999. After Red Bull entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz promised support, too, we were able to take-off.

The first Take-off episode aired in January 2001 on n-tv. It had a length of 17 minutes. Title: “The Dream of Flight” – a portrait of a certain Austrian BASE jumper called Felix Baumgartner …

Take-off TV was on n-tv for a surprisingly long time. The managers came and went, as the owners, the headquarters were changed … no easy conditions for independent production companies like we are. Our cooperation with n-tv ended 2013.

Now we focus on YouTube, Facebook, and flights in the cockpit that we sell on DVD, Blu-ray, VoD. This allows us to grow internationally and to communicate directly with you.

We also offer now some cool aviation stuff to purchase on Amazon.

Frank Zwecker
Do you have proposals, criticism or suggestions? Please contact me by frank.zwecker@takeoff-tv.net

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